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The masters of watercolour

This is an invite only group on Flickr that is in essence what we feel is the best of the best within the chosen fields of Watercolour,wether is is loose,modern, traditional, impressionistic or vibrant.
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A papercut world

I have to keep this video by Béatrice Coron. I’m so impressed by her papercut work—

With scissors and paper, artist Béatrice Coron creates intricate worlds, cities and countries, heavens and hells. Striding onstage in a glorious cape cut from Tyvek, she describes her creative process and the way her stories develop from snips and slices.

Madame Coron is a very special character, too. After briefly studying art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Lyon, and Mandarin Chinese at the Université of Lyon III, Coron experienced life with a series of odd jobs. She has been, among others, a shepherdess, truck driver, factory worker, cleaning lady and New York City tour guide! She has lived in France (her native country) , Egypt and Mexico for one year each, and China for two years. She moved to New York in 1985, where she reinvented herself as an artist.


Woodcuts with the iPhone

Here is an amazing app for the iPhone / iPod / iPad: ukiyo-e. It is a digital, portable, woodcut studio!
The application mimics the woodcutting process, in the sense that you must actually carve out what will become the blank parts of your print, and then “ink” and “print” it. Of course, you get it reversed from the original. Funny and creative.

The welcome screen of the application:

 Mark the area you want to cut. You have several types of carving tools with the toolbox:
 The wood plate, once you have carved it out:
And your fresh woodcut print!! As usual, you then share it online, save it, send it over email or whatever you wish to do, it’s a digital file:

Make sure you visit the developer’s site, Phyzios software— they have some other interesting programs to sculpt, paint, create and have fun.


A visual chronicle of the new Spanish Revolution

The economic depression is hitting Spain very, very hard, and the spanish youth is one of the main victims, with nearly 50% of unemployment among young people. After a relative calm period since the big crisis first broke out, thousands of spaniards are now demonstrating and camping in public squares in the main cities of Spain.

Many spanish citizens are fed up with the corruption of the political elites and their lack of concern with the real problems of people.

Starting as a social networks campaign that gathered protesters in the Puerta del Sol central square in Madrid on the 15th of may,  the movement has quickly gained momentum and it is now challenging the political statu quo in Spain. That it was a cover story in yesterday's Washington Post shows the dimension of the protest.

Enrique Flores chronicles this peaceful uprising in his sketchbooks, reporting from ground zero of the so-called Spanish Revolution (just check these hasthags on twitter: #spanishrevolution, #15m,#nolesvotes, #acampadasol, #notenemosmiedo, #yeswecamp).


Barcelona sketches, april

These are a few sketches made in Barcelona the last weekend. On the last couple of pages or so there are some pasted portraits I made in an education convention in Zaragoza a few days earlier.
Halfway the pages you’ll see a drawing of a man reading a comic which is not mine, but drawn by Bartomeu Seguí (an illustrator and comics artist from Mallorca who won the first National Comic Prize of Spain).


Comics in Barcelona

This weekend I've been in Barcelona, enjoying a perfect spring weekend, and the comics festival, El (29è) Saló del còmic.

There, between buying, bargain-hunting and chatting, I've enjoyed watching some great and diverse comic book artists draw: Edmund Baudoin, Eddie Campbell, Javier Mariscal, Max, Pierre Alary, Miguel Gallardo, Bartomeu Seguí, Alfons López, Juan Berrio, José Luis Ágreda, Fermín Solís, Manel Fontdevila, just to name a few.

It is also worth mentioning that two of the awarded artists at the latest Angoulême Festival, Brecht Evens and Manuele Fior were there. Both use watercolour as their primary technique, and actually Fior won the first prize, Le Fauve d'Or, with his Cinq mille kilomètres par seconde created entirely in watercolour.

I've had some dédicaces by quite a few artists. This is Manuele Fior's illustration for the aforementioned Cinq mille...

Challenging preconceptions: Watercolour

If you plan to visit London this spring or summer, you might be interested in Watercolour, a special exhibition at Tate Britain (until August 21) that invites you to challenge your preconceptions of what watercolour is. “The most ambitious exhibition about watercolour ever to be staged.”

Admission to Tate Britain is free, but special exhibitions like this have an admission fee (£12.70, certainly not cheap.)

The exhibition presents a full and fresh assessment on the history and future of watercolour painting. It aims to question our thoughts on what watercolour stands for, presenting famous and lesser-known works side by side and bringing this popular, universal and enduring medium back to the centre of our cultural heritage.

A 228-page book - catalogue with 170 colour illustrations has also been published especially for the occasion.


Imaginary trip (with watercolours)

Le voyage imaginaire d'Hugo Pratt et Corto Maltese is an exhibition at the Pinacothèque de Paris that I'd like to see. It will remain open until August, 21, 2011.

I have never been a big fan of Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese and his drawing style, but I really find his watercolour work quite appealing.


Flickr light tables

Inspired by the real-world analog, this viewer lets you explore flickr photostreams in an expansive grid. Drag to pan. Click on a photo to enlarge it, or click its permalink (∞) to view it directly on flickr. Use the input to load another light table. And it works great on the iPad.


ArtRage Studio Pro

Recently I have been playing a bit with natural media applications, and I am especially fond of Artrage and its nice balance of power and simplicity.

Artrage studio Pro is a much improved version of the Artrage standard application (or its advanced version Artrage Studio). Of course there are quite a few differences between these three options. You can check out which is best for you with the comparison chart provided by the developer (pdf).

Artrage is very powerful and sophisticated, but not overwhelming. Its interface is welcoming and intuitive, yet it offers as much control and power as you need to create artwork that makes you think you are using real paints, pencils or ink —without the mess on your drawing table or studio!  (> Read the whole review)


The jazz singer - a pseudo Arroyo

One of my illustrations in Flickr, click to visit my account and see all sizes.

A page from my sketchbook in the style of Eduardo Arroyo. Moreover, the pieces of paper used in this collage come from a leaflet of his current exhibition, Painting literature.


Spiegelman's sketchbooks

Art Spiegelman:

“On scraps of paper the pressure to perform is gone and the results throb with a life I just can’t hold on to in my ‘finished’ art.”

Spiegelman shares three of his sketchbooks in a nice edition called Be a nose!. It includes proper journals-sketchbooks, and scattered drawings dutifully collected, dated and archived by his wife.

Be a Nose! (Mcsweeneys)Maus I: A Survivor's Tale: My Father Bleeds HistoryMaus II: A Survivor's Tale: And Here My Troubles BeganThe Complete Maus: A Survivor's Tale (No 1)In the Shadow of No Towers

The book of dreams

 Federico Fellini (photographed by Tazio Secchiaroli)
Today I have enjoyed an exhibition dedicated to Federico Fellini:The circus of illusions.

A nice rememoration of the man and his work: his obsessions, influences, his style, and the way he gathered ideas from multiple sources. The exhibition is open in Palma (Fundació La Caixa) until the 22nd of may.

A singular part of the exhibition is his Book of dreams. Actually they are two large books where he collected his dreams in annotations and sketches from 1960 to 1990.

The Academy of motion picture arts and sciences organized an exhibition a couple years ago. You can see some samples of Fellini's books of dreams in the exhibition website.

“The so-called Book of Dreams is really two ledgers, in which Federico Fellini, urged by the Jungian analyst Ernst Bernhard, jotted down and illustrated his own nocturnal fantasies over the space of thirty years. The first volume (approximately 245 pages) goes from November 30, 1960 to August 2, 1968, while the second (154 pages) goes from February 1973 until the end of 1982: a span of 22 years, which is supplemented by other scattered pages and several notes dated 1990. Long before he ventured into the oneiric universe with the cognitive tools recommended by Bernhard, however, Fellini was well aware of the importance of dreams. Indeed, he often asked his friends to tell him their dreams and urged them not to waste what he called “the night work,” at least as important, if not more so, than the thoughts and activities of one’s waking hours. Having seen for himself that a dream could only be remembered for a few minutes upon awakening, the director kept a notebook on his bedside table where he jotted down his visions and feelings as soon as he opened his eyes.”
A facsimile compilation of these very special journal, Il livro dei sogni has been published by Rizzoli:


How to make a magazine

This compressed-action video shows the development of a Little white lies magazine issue.

Besides the curiosity of the video, it is interesting to see the gestation of a creative project and how a team of graphic designers and illustrators puts it together. The video is also available on HD chez Youtube.


Vandalised calendar

I have the nasty habit of doodling, sketching, pasting on, scribbling and doing other improvements in my calendars and agendas. Stuff that really should go to the sketchbooks, but it's something one can’t help doing, isn’t it?

Anyway, before throwing away these past years agendas I rescue some of the pages I like, at least digitally.


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