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Inkscape: draw freely!

Inkscape is a vectorial drawing program, similar to Illustrator or Freehand, but open source and freeware (like Sodipodi, a similar project.) It’s available for several operating systems. After a development phase, it seems a very powerful program with excellent creative tools: you can judge by yourself with their screenshots.

I’ve tested it and I think Sodipodi is really a very good program.

Inkscape works just nice under Windows, various Linux flavours and Mac OSX (fink.)

You can export to the standard vector formats (adobe illustrator, eps, svg —which happens to be its native format—, postscript…) and import from any conceivable format as well. Inkscape does all you expect a good drawing program to do and something more. You can place bitmap images and autotrace them, create tiles the way you can with the Illustrator plugins Symmetryworks or Tessella, apply sophisticated transparencies, expand strokes, attach text to paths, and of course do all the usual path operations.

I strongly recommend this application!

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