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Rally Ho! And away we go!

Fluid Man, Coil Man &  Multi Man: The Impossibles!What’s this? This was what The Impossibles shouted on their missions against the villains. The Impossibles is an obscure Hanna-Barbera series that premiered back in 1966.

I’m mentioning it because I must have seen the 38 episodes 38 times in the last few days: after so many years wishing to see them again, at least I found a double dvd in ebay, with the complete series. Ahhhh, what nice memories! If all this sounds like chinese to you, you might want to get some more information about the Impossibles: cool retro-futuristic style, sixties music and looks... delicious series! Rally-ho!


Erik said...

cool -I'm gonna do a search for this dvd.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, the pic doesn't show up. I really want to see this, I am a huge Impossibles fan!


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