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What I use for web development

I have completed the new version of an online manual of digital design (in spanish.)
The site deals with graphic design, web design and typography and was awarded with the most important prize for web initiatives in Spain, AUI - Mundo Internet 2001: I received the award from his Royal Highness Prince Philip of Spain. Go figure.

The older site was plagued with unnecesary code: tables, images for navigation, scripts, transparent gifs and whatnot. That was the outcome of using wysiwyg tools! The new project has been completely rebuilt using NoteTab Pro and HtmlKit. There are still some minor fixes to do to make the pages validate, but it is already an standards-compliant site, easier to use, more accesible and bandwidth-friendly, and much simpler to manage.
Recently I’m using only these two programs to edit all the code for my web projects.

I cannot recommend these applications enough, especially if you improve their functionality adding libraries (for NoteTab) or plugins (for HtmlKit.)

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