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What’s new at Typephases: fresh dingbats and fonts.

The new additions include:
Three dingbats in the Genteta series (little people in funny and absurd situations, recreated in black ink and then carefully digitized.); three Entestats dingbats (the funniest heads you’ve ever seen.); the new comics lettering font family, Sinky; a neat handwritten font, casual and friendly, called Simpa; some proto-human figurines, the Tipejos... and there’s even more! Some of these are freely downloadable. You’ll find them all in our Specimen Book.


Stewf said...

What happened to your faces made of type?

Joan M. Mas said...

hmm, they’re still there: see the Specimen Book. You can download them: two dingbats in one zip (antypepatics & lletraparits.)
This reminds me of an interesting online tool to create thingies like these. I’ll add a post about it.


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