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The (er...almost) Daily Pic

One addition to the (er...almost) Daily Pic GalleryFreshly made and hot off the oven, we will offer a new picture (er... nearly) each day that you can download and use at your will (under the terms of a Creative Commons licence.)
I plan to add new pictures frequently... well, saying it’s a daily pic doesn’t mean it’s a signature made with blood, is it? But, seriously, there will be fresh originals often.

This portfolio will serve as a means to share some interesting sketches and drawings that are collecting dust in my computer, and it also will be a way of enforcing a production rhythm that I often have projected and never really set it off. The compromise of coming up with something new and different every day is a creative challenge that I appreciate and enjoy.

Which images, really?
A bit of everything. Nothing is planned beforehand. There will be black and white and colour illustrations, photos, manual drawings, experiments with image filters, collages, anything that I feel like doing and experimenting.
The themes are a mystery. There will be many different things, occurrencies and whimsical ideas. Some will be simple, others complex; some will form a series, others will be isolated themes; and so on. There will be mutations, reworkings, homages, serializations, combinations and whatnot. There are no restrictions.

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Let your colleagues and friends know about the Daily Pic. They will appreciate it. We have made it simple for you to send a link or keep it for yourself. Here it is the url of the (er... almost) Daily Pic project and handy RSS 2.0 or Atom feeds.

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