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Briar Press: A letterpress resource

So you thought digital printing would kill the letterpress star? In fact, we are witnessing a growing appreciation of the art of traditional print presses, fine paper, ink mixes and everything made with the real stuff. An excellent resource is the Briar Press, with lots of information about everything related to letterpress. One of the most gratifying aspects of this website is their fine (and growing) collection of Cuts and Caps, available in vector format as a free download, complete with use suggestions and examples.

Their (at the moment) 670 entries strong Directory is devoted to the individuals, businesses, and organizations that constitute and support the letterpress community, the Directory is a reference for printers and enthusiasts. There you can look for someone to repair a press, or print a broadside, or teach a class.

Finally, their Museum is another huge area of information, with detailed listings by press name, type and year, with an online glossary to help you anytime.

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