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Illustration friday contribution: Ambition

This is yet another contribution to the Illustration Friday project. In other contributions I had reused bits and parts in my large illustration inventory, but this time I have made a new original.
This week the theme chosen was “Ambition”, and this is a little something, the way I like, a bit obliquely about it. Isn’t that rather ambitious?
If you want to see different available sizes for this illustration, comments and my other Daily Pic images, please visit my Flickr page.


steve said...

Boy, I bet his arms are tired...
Oooooo, I should be spanked for that one!
This is a funny idea, you put a smile on my face. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Great, funny illo!


♥ joleen said...

i love this! :D

Braidwood said...

I like the illo, nice colors, nice expression on his face.


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