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Time for a little (or a lot of) nonsense and fun: there is a great page devoted to Edward Lear. The page is hosted in nonsenselit.org (Nonsense literature portal, which was set off on 12 May 2004, to celebrate Edward Lear’s birthday.) They have even taken the trouble to offer several Picture Stories which may be of higher interest to Typephases’ visitors.
drawing from The Adventures of Mr. Lear, the Polly and the Pusseybite on their way to the Ritertitle Mountains
By the way, you can download most of Lear’s works freely from the Project Gutenberg pages (just search the name Lear in the author field from their Online book catalogue.)
Note that four of the ouvres offered in the Project Gutenberg page are illustrated books: you must choose the biggest zip file instead of the leaner alternatives (so you download a copy of the html format ebook plus a folder with all the drawings by Lear.)

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