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John Lovett

John Lovett is a gifted watercolourist who shares his wisdom and advice in his website, devoted to watercolour lessons. A variety of articles detail the basics of tools, materials and techniques.

The gallery is particulary interesting, showing his great confidence with colour. His sketchbooks are worth a look —certainly inspiring and attractive. Although his works are lively and rich in colour, his palette seems to be rather limited. See the following picture, which shows his usual, limited selection (he also uses, less frequently White Gouache, Cobalt Blue, Indigo and Rose Madder):

Lovett is the author of Watercolor for the Fun of It, an instruction book (Paperback: 137 pages; Publisher: North Light Books (June 1, 2002); ISBN: 1581801920) available from 12.25$ in Amazon and other bookshops.

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