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John Singer Sargent Archive

example of watercolour by Sargent

​​​​The technique I actually enjoy the most isn’t digital at all; give
me a brush and a watercolour kit, some fine paper and I will be the
happiest person. I am compiling some interesting links about
watercolours on the net, and here is one that deserves special

The John Singer Sargent Virtual Gallery
is a comprehensive archive detailing the life and work of this
outstanding artist. I note this link because it contains a great
selection of his watercolours, his most enduring and fascinating work, imho.
Sargent produced many hundreds in this medium, from quick travel notes
to more elaborate studies. Painted mostly outdoors, they include images
of gardens, architectural fragments, exotic figure studies, boats,
fruit, and foliage. Travelling extensively in Europe and the Near East,
he documented the landscapes and characters he found in these journeys.

Of course, you might be interested in other areas of John Singer Sargent’s
œuvre, and the website exhibits his oil portraits (including many
famous people of his time, like Henry James) , charcoal drawings and
other techniques as well.

A related link: the Sargent at Harvard
website provides a searchable database of images and texts about the
artist. You may try, for example, to perform a “watercolor” (american
spelling seems mandatory here) query as it is suggested in the search

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out to the JSS Gallery and good luck with your art

Natasha Wallace


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