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Milton Glaser, redesigned

Milton Glaser’s website has been recently redesigned. I think it’s almost unnecessary to talk about who is Milton Glaser. Anyway: the section called “Milton” will let you know more about the man and his work— this part is a big improvement over the old site, with essays, interviews and a biography (you choose: short, medium or unendurable length). His essays are always interesting; he shares his wisdom and insight in Dark & Light, Ambiguity & truth, 10 things I've learned and Legends Award speech.
You will also find the short film directed by Hillman Curtis, previously featured in the Adobe website.

There are a number of his works on display, including some of his illustrations, and a minisite devoted to his posters. Glaser has always tried new techniques —and somehow has managed to make them all his own. He is one of the few illustrators that really have several signature styles.

His watercolors, in particular, have always been delightful to me, for his mastery of wet techniques, something really difficult to control. He has a number of illustrations that take advantage either of absorbent papers (japanese style), or wet paper to create subtle shadows, color transitions and other amazing details that I devour whenever I browse one of his books or watch one of his posters.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to study his originals in detail, in a magnificent retrospective that visited Barcelona and Palma, and the watercolours were really enjoyable. If you aren’t able to see some original works, you can always get a copy of his classic, Graphic Design (Overlook Press), or the more recent Art is Work.

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Glaser is the best!
Morandini > Designer + Illustrator


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