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Sharing some colorful sketches

eyeglasses sketch
I have started posting some really colorful sketches to my Flickr space. I will share some of my original watercolors, drawings and other original creations. If you click any of these miniatures you will be carried to a page where different sizes are available, together with dozens of other of my (very diverse) originals.

I usually start very disciplined when I want to draw something new, with one single technique, say with pencil, color markers or watercolor, but very soon the mischief begins and I start mixing everything that’s within reach.
a view - landscape with vivid colors - fauve style
As it is often the case with many artists I know, I frequently prefer the sketches to more finished works, because they retain more freshness, energy and spontaneity. And there is something more special with sketching things when you travel. If you carry a sketchbook with you, you realize there’s something almost magic about drawing or painting scenes, places things and people. You remember best the place, its feel, even its smell and other sensations, with your sketch than with photos. It must have something to do with the interiorisation of the scene: you make it something that’s yours while you observe and draw the picture.
alleyway and stairs


chaland said...

I'm very lucky to have discovered your blog! Here there are some flavors of Klee and Matisse masterpieces ..., do you know August Make? I'm going to read all your entries right now! Molt bé Josep M., ja aniré passant per aquí sovint...

chaland said...

Vull dir Joan M. Sorry...


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