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The little white house variations

Quite a few years ago, I created a long series of watercolours with a common theme. It was simply a little white house surrounded by woods, seen from different points of view, in each time of the year and in different weather and light conditions. Scorching heat, hard rain, misty mornings, quiet snowy evenings and peaceful autumn afternoons are all represented in this minimal scene.

One of the watercolours. Visit my Flickr page to see more.

This is the typical excuse to create a series of educational drawings or paintings. It worked, because I had the opportunity to test my skills and learn new methods of mixing colour, applying washes, wet techniques and many more.

I have posted a selection from this series in my Flickr page, because I still think some of them are good examples of watercolour in use. One could say they have some historical interest for me.

These photos don’t have a very good quality, actually, because I took them, if I remember well, with a rather primitive digital camera.


Kelly said...

It's amazing how you explore so many different treatments. This is a very good creative habit.

Arri. said...

This is the kind of weblog i was serching for.Many thanks and don't stop please I need learnso many things about the anarky of watercolors!!!.

Joan said...

Hi, arri -- like I said there will be little activity here in the summer weeks, but I have lots of things in mind for later dates.

Arri. said...

Hi joan I didn't know you were spanish jajajajajajaja.

Buena suerte y animo con el Blog!!!


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