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Experimenting with digital watercolours

I have been talking about pseudo-watercolours in acrylic, like the ones in Bernd Koberling’s work. Now I am experimenting with digital watercolour effects in Painter. Some of the brushes and effects in the program are really attractive. I will add some examples and my work notes in a forthcoming post.


Vegiemite said...

Are you using a tablet to experiment or just a mouse? If a tablet, please post what kind you're using and how you like it. I am looking into investing in a Wacom tablet for the purpose of doing traditional style art on a computer.

Joan said...

I'm trying both freehand, with the mouse, and with the tablet.

I have a Wacom (a basic model, Graphire) and I'm quite pleased with it. If you like drawing and you're good at it, I would recommend investing in a tablet.

Wacom used to bundle Painter Classic, an extraordinary program with very good natural media tools, such as crayons, oil paint, watercolor, calligraphy pens...
You might start with a small, unexpensive model.

arlene said...

I've been using Painter 8 lately in spare time, along with a stylus and tablet. Will you be passing along any brush and paper combinations?

Joan said...

Yes, Arlene, after the vacation I plan to post some articles about digital techniques here.

Vegiemite said...

Thanks for the response Joan. This free program might interst you - works great with a mouse, I imagine even more so with a tablet.

I'm trying to decide if the extra cost is justified on the Intuos tablets - anyone have any comments?

Vegiemite said...

Ha, I guess I should tell you what the program is :)



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