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Deep Paint

My goal with this blog was to talk about “real” paint instead of computer applications, but sometimes I can’t help myself from sharing some good news related to outstanding programs. And there is a promise to publish some articles about natural-media painting programs.

Now you have the opportunity to grab a free copy of one of the best painting programs: Deep Paint. Formerly a commercial program, now is available for free.
Deep Paint is a real-time materials-based paint rendering system, similar to Corel Painter. You can use it either in standalone mode or as a Photoshop-compatible plugin. This is an absolutely freeware version and there is no need to register (the developer is Right Hemisphere Software.)
If you’re new to the world of natural media painting in computers, just to get the idea here’s an excerpt taken from the program help:

(...)Deep Paint offers a quick way to create new and exciting images. By using artistic rendering techniques, existing photographic or other images can be transformed to create content with a new look. Photos can be quickly changed into rich paintings or delicate watercolors. Results can vary from nearly photorealistic to extremely abstract.

You can create an artistic impression of an image and specify the type of paint and brush to use.

Almost any image, of any quality, can be used as the base for producing interesting and unique results.Using a combination of effects, you can bring some of the original image back into the final result.

See it for yourself: you just have to help yourself to a copy.

While we talk about this, if you want to try a vector drawing program which is natural media-oriented, take a look at what the people at Microsoft are doing with the former Creature House Expression, now called Acrylic.


MysticMonk said...

Thanks for the info on The Deep Paint program. I tried Acrylic and well couldn't get started with it.

Another couple of free programs to check out for Natural Media:

You may want to take a look see at
It has some basic natural media tools and is quite fun.

Though I have not tried it, there is Dogwaffle too.

p.s. thanks for the heads up on the ebook too. Glad to see your posting again.

Joan said...

Yes, Artrage is an interesting application. I have used it sometimes and it's much like an streamlined version of Painter. Very intuitive and fun to use: even small children enjoy it. There are some good samples of what the program looks like and what you can do with it at the Artrage gallery. Cool stuff. I haven't tried Dogwaffle, but it seems quite a bit more complex, more Painter-like in a sense.


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