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The new studio

These last weeks I’ve touched very little the computer, but I’ve been able to draw a lot in my sketchbooks, planning new paintings and other projects (a sample in the first photo, below.) But I’ve devoted even more time to cleaning up and conditioning my new painting studio. These are really very exciting news for me, because this is a dream come true, having a proper studio for my art. The second photo shows a part of the well-lit loft where I’ll be painting.

spread from this summer sketchbooks
one section of my new painting studio

The place itself is ideal: very luminous, warm in winter and cool in summer, there’s lots of space to paint comfortably, even large canvases, and ample storage space. I will have different corners for the different activities: painting, drawing, reading, etc.


Arri. said...

Que envidia por dios, q envidia, me va a dar algo!!!

Animo con tus proyectos!!!

dwainkline46959672 said...

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Alina Chau said...

Love your blog!! Nice studio too!!

Virginia Valle said...

Ohhh your studio is greattttttt!!1 a lot of light !!!

PaulSketch said...

Awesome studio, In my backyard I have a shed that has been there for a while and used to be my "club house" where I would play. A few weeks back I painted it and turned it into an art studio.


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