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I have contributed several illustrations to Illustration Friday, but it’s been several months since I last posted one of my works. Now here’s a little something on the theme of Remote (if you click the image you will see a bigger version.)


JacqueLynn said...

Really really does feel remote, you have used the colors, textures, and feeling of distance to really make this hit the feeling of remote. wonderful

Holly said...

This is quite beautiful. It has a really great flow of colours. Great new studio as well. You've got a great site. Throw your word verification on to avoid those spammers.

Catnapping said...

this is wonderful. such rich deep colours. i definitely get a sense of distance with the layers.

great job.

carla said...

The beautiful, textured arcs of color that dwarf the small figure truly create a feeling of remoteness. It looks like remoteness in nature, not sad and lonely, but just showing how small humans really are. Lovely.

rubio2d said...

Love your color palette, so bright, And the volume-textured of your color masses is powerful!
Love the character, too
Nice work

Rose said...

Very nice. Beautiful colors and depth.


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