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Microsoft Expression (aka “Acrylic Graphic Designer”)

Creature House Expression is now a product from Microsoft; since they bought the product it seemed they were going to let it rot, but recently some interesting changes have shown up on the Microsoft Website. Basically, Acrylic is the same program as Expression v.3, with some new cool features. You can download a preview (seemingly non-expiring) version of this cool drawing application.

You need Windows xp and service pack 2 installed to run Acrylic. I expected some unnecesary bloat in this new version, but I have tried the program on a system with the required configuration and it actually loads quickly and runs smoothly, with the usual sophisticated brushes and many features which make this program a peculiar bridge between the traditional techniques and tools and the computer-made imagery.

I’ll try to post some drawings made with Acrylic and its unsurpassed creative tools here.


Roberto Bobrow said...

Hi! I spent most of this Saturday surfing your interesting and generous blogs and site. I think I'll come frequently.
I've been a Painter-Wacom user for some years. I downloaded MS Expression some time ago but found it awkward to start drawing. Now I'll try Deep Paint an tell.

PS. Tell me if you want my comments in good Spanish instead of bad English.

Joan said...

Your Bush caricatures are so good! You really take advantage of the Wacom possibilities in your cartoons.

--el lenguaje, como quieras! Este blog lo inicié dedicado a una audiencia más internacional, por eso está en inglés.


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