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1000 heads, my illustration book

Inspiring books for the creative type


Fontleech: The Free Font Blog

Fontleech: The Free Font Blog: well, the name says it all. There has been a handful of sites dealing with font news, although in this case it is in a blog format and it promises to keep information fresh and really at hand. A welcome addition for graphic designers and fontaholic types!

FontEditor: BitfontMaker

FontEditor BitfontMaker lets you draw and save a bitmap font online. (Found via xBlog)

Inkscape: a Vector Graphics primer

A new article in Linux Planet, is aVector drawing primer explaining how to use Inkscape, the open source vector illustration program commented in this Journal a few weeks ago. The contents of the article include:

1 Raster vs. Vector

2 Drawing With Vectors

3 Vectorize Your Logo

4 Some Advanced Vector Operations

5 Using Inkscape and SVG

6 Graphics In The Future.

See the post about Inkscape. It is a very good application and best of all, it’s free and open source.


Letterpress break

In these days of all-digital workflows for design, it is a welcome break to visit sites like Fogday Press, and read blogs like makeready.org, with news and observations on letterpress, book arts, typography, design, and other delectables. (A bit disguised) in the text you will find dozens of good links.


What I use for web development

I have completed the new version of an online manual of digital design (in spanish.)
The site deals with graphic design, web design and typography and was awarded with the most important prize for web initiatives in Spain, AUI - Mundo Internet 2001: I received the award from his Royal Highness Prince Philip of Spain. Go figure.

The older site was plagued with unnecesary code: tables, images for navigation, scripts, transparent gifs and whatnot. That was the outcome of using wysiwyg tools! The new project has been completely rebuilt using NoteTab Pro and HtmlKit. There are still some minor fixes to do to make the pages validate, but it is already an standards-compliant site, easier to use, more accesible and bandwidth-friendly, and much simpler to manage.
Recently I’m using only these two programs to edit all the code for my web projects.

I cannot recommend these applications enough, especially if you improve their functionality adding libraries (for NoteTab) or plugins (for HtmlKit.)

Push Pin Graphic retrospective book

cover of this fabulous book
The excellent Push Pin Graphic retrospective book arrived in the mail today. You must see this book, doubtlessly one of the best design books of the last years. What an inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas.
This volume contains the essence of what has always fascinated me more about graphic design and illustration. While it is still possible to buy copies of the last numbers, the first ones (published in the fifties) are extremely rare and this book is one of the few chances we have to enjoy them. These artifacts should be digitalized and made more widely available!
{The Push Pin Graphic: a quarter century of innovative design and illustration. By Seymour Chwast, with an introduction by Milton Glaser; edited by Steven Heller and Martin Venezky. Published by Chronicle Books, 2004. Cover price: $50 (you may find it much cheaper; my own copy cost $31.50 at Amazon.) }



Robotype is a cool project by Paco Bascuñán e Inklude. Using its Flash application you will be able to create typographical drawings easily. Very amusing; first you may get some inspiration visiting their gallery. This is something similar to what we did a few years ago with our fonts, the Antypepatics and the Lletraparits.


Rally Ho! And away we go!

Fluid Man, Coil Man &  Multi Man: The Impossibles!What’s this? This was what The Impossibles shouted on their missions against the villains. The Impossibles is an obscure Hanna-Barbera series that premiered back in 1966.

I’m mentioning it because I must have seen the 38 episodes 38 times in the last few days: after so many years wishing to see them again, at least I found a double dvd in ebay, with the complete series. Ahhhh, what nice memories! If all this sounds like chinese to you, you might want to get some more information about the Impossibles: cool retro-futuristic style, sixties music and looks... delicious series! Rally-ho!


Color Rules of Thumb

(Almost)everything you need to know about colour: Color Rules of Thumb. Make sure you visit the other sections of this site, especially their rules of thumb about layout, typography, image and audience.

43 Things to do

You might find this silly, or simply a waste of time. I don’t know. But I think it’s inspiring and, what, these things spark my creative habits.43 Things is the answer of many people to the simple question “What do you want to do with your life?”

Best and worst use of core web design principles

Webdesignfromscratch is an excellent collection of instructional materials for anyone who plans to venture in the Web Design territory. Their examples of best and worst use of core web design principles: “Best and Worst” is a rolling list of links to sites that demonstrate the importance of quality user-oriented design, either through good design in action, or lack of it.


Color Match, color scheme, color code, match web site colors

This kind of utility is always welcome. An easy to use online tool to create colour schemes: Color Match, color scheme, color code, match web site colors. One nice thing about this one is the ability to export directly to a palette for Photoshop (ACT format) or an Illustrator (AI) file.


What’s new at Typephases: fresh dingbats and fonts.

The new additions include:
Three dingbats in the Genteta series (little people in funny and absurd situations, recreated in black ink and then carefully digitized.); three Entestats dingbats (the funniest heads you’ve ever seen.); the new comics lettering font family, Sinky; a neat handwritten font, casual and friendly, called Simpa; some proto-human figurines, the Tipejos... and there’s even more! Some of these are freely downloadable. You’ll find them all in our Specimen Book.


Digital Media Minute

I found Digital Media Minute by chance and it will be another daily visit. The link collection is impressive, with good comments, and a beautiful presentation, with changing photos on the top side.

10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time

10x10 / 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time. You have to see this for yourself. Wonderful idea, cool presentation.

Designers Toolbox

The Designers Toolbox offers a variety of Print tools, Online tools (standard banner sizes, special characters, font size control, CSS generator, form elements) and even legal tools. Plus some pertinent links, calendar, and more tools, is worth bookmarking.


Short film about Milton Glaser

In the last post I commented a book on Milton Glaser. You might want to see a Milton Glaser short film in Quicktime format, directed by Hillman Curtis. It’s a big download, about 40 megs, and its length is about 5 minutes, but it’s worth seeing.



Milton Glaser artworkThe people in idea-mag are publishing IDEA Archive, a series of reprints chosen from design-related books and magazines published by Seibundo Shinkosha Co., Ltd. over the last 50 years. The Idea Archive is selected with the objective to share these publications with readers in the future. Titles include a lavishly illustrated Milton Glaser volume. Other available volumes include Saul Bass, and it is planned to publish one on Herb Lubalin and other designers.

History of Graphic Design (1945-Present)

In a recent search for references about graphic design history I ran into this onlineHistory of Graphic Design (1945-Present), with informative texts and representative images. It’s a shame the pictures are rather small.



IDEABOOK.COM: How to design and market anything is an old favourite. There are quite a lot of good, practical articles about graphic design. Very tastefully presented and, as it name points out, full of great ideas that you can apply instantly.


The San Francisco Center for the Book

The San Francisco Center for the Book is dedicated to the fine art of typography, printing, bookmaking and related crafts. There is an interesting online gallery showing many exquisitely designed books.


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