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Illustration friday contribution: Ambition

This is yet another contribution to the Illustration Friday project. In other contributions I had reused bits and parts in my large illustration inventory, but this time I have made a new original.
This week the theme chosen was “Ambition”, and this is a little something, the way I like, a bit obliquely about it. Isn’t that rather ambitious?
If you want to see different available sizes for this illustration, comments and my other Daily Pic images, please visit my Flickr page.



A post in Zeldman made me curious about the Solipsistic site. The most intriguing description was:

Remember when visiting sites was like discovering that a magical world lay hidden behind the false wall of your closet? When the very word “web” carried a whiff of the underground? And sites were strangely beautiful, all hidden corners and surprises?
Solipsistic will bring back that feeling, or introduce you to it.

This website is indeed full of enigma, suggerences, surprises and amazement. Images, obscurities, oblique relationships and revelations are the ingredients of a continous stream of inspirational time waste (at least that’s how I call this kind of websurfing.)


Time for a little nonsense

Time for a little (or a lot of) nonsense and fun: there is a great page devoted to Edward Lear. The page is hosted in nonsenselit.org (Nonsense literature portal, which was set off on 12 May 2004, to celebrate Edward Lear’s birthday.) They have even taken the trouble to offer several Picture Stories which may be of higher interest to Typephases’ visitors.
drawing from The Adventures of Mr. Lear, the Polly and the Pusseybite on their way to the Ritertitle Mountains
By the way, you can download most of Lear’s works freely from the Project Gutenberg pages (just search the name Lear in the author field from their Online book catalogue.)
Note that four of the ouvres offered in the Project Gutenberg page are illustrated books: you must choose the biggest zip file instead of the leaner alternatives (so you download a copy of the html format ebook plus a folder with all the drawings by Lear.)


Briar Press: A letterpress resource

So you thought digital printing would kill the letterpress star? In fact, we are witnessing a growing appreciation of the art of traditional print presses, fine paper, ink mixes and everything made with the real stuff. An excellent resource is the Briar Press, with lots of information about everything related to letterpress. One of the most gratifying aspects of this website is their fine (and growing) collection of Cuts and Caps, available in vector format as a free download, complete with use suggestions and examples.

Their (at the moment) 670 entries strong Directory is devoted to the individuals, businesses, and organizations that constitute and support the letterpress community, the Directory is a reference for printers and enthusiasts. There you can look for someone to repair a press, or print a broadside, or teach a class.

Finally, their Museum is another huge area of information, with detailed listings by press name, type and year, with an online glossary to help you anytime.


Roadgeek Fonts

Michael Adams’ Roadgeek Fonts is a fine collection of font clones, based on road signage in different countries: the UK, USA, Germany...
The fonts have been carefully designed with attention to detail and aren’t mere curiosities: if you use this kind of typeface for normal text, you’ll realize it has a high degree of legibility —an ideal choice for many design applications.
Venturing a little further in his site, you discover some other examples of obsession with motorways, roads and life on the road. For example, don’t miss the very impressive map of the USA detailing which counties he has visited by percentage!

43 Folders: lots of tricks for lots of issues

43 Folders call themselves “a bunch of tricks, hacks and other cool stuff”, and that’s it, actually. You will find advice about a variety of subjects. Some really clever things to do to simplify your activities, ways to sidestep troubles on the way, and so on.

Interpreting John Coltrane (visually)

Giant Steps by Michal Levy is a visual interpretation of music by John Coltrane. A Flash movie worth seeing.
I must add, however, that I have always imagined Coltrane’s music more organically, in more irregular and chaotic shapes. But I digress. I have curiosity about this. How does people visualize music? How do you see something that is intrinsecally abstract, like music?


The first 25 DailyPics!

We have reached the 25 picture mark in our Flickr project, The (...er, almost) Daily Pic. A variety of illustrations in different techniques and themes, available under a Creative Commons Licence.

miniature of the first 25 pics posted in the project


Gene Gable’s articles on letterpress & retro design

One of the examples in CreativePro
Over the past few years, Gene Gable (an expert in visual communication with a 25 year career in publishing and graphic arts) has written an excellent series of articles for CreativePro, under the label “Heavy Metal Madness”.

The range of themes he deals with is eclectic and always surprising: Ice machines and vendors’ lettering, recruitment ads, religious imagery, decals graphics, dressing up animals in human clothing and whatnot.

With over fifty articles, this section of Creativepro would make certainly a superb book about some side dishes of graphic design that are equally fascinating. The text is insightful and is accompanied by many wonderful lettering examples, charming vintage illustrations and unexpected examples.


Macroadobe, or Adobemedia?

It has been officially announced that Adobe will be acquiring Macromedia. Thus, the largest companies producing software used by many graphic designers, will be an even larger monster of a company. While Adobe has been leading the creative applications and print-based niches, their web development software is regarded as seriously flawed by many. The opposite can be said about Macromedia, so this is really an interesting (convenience) marriage.


How does this work?

If you browse the Industrial Art Gallery you will find a great selection of lineal drawings (machinery, geometry, blueprints, instruments, etc.), from a time when CAD meant “A man whose behavior is unprincipled or dishonorable”.
a blueprint from the collection


Yet another colour combinations tool

ColorCombos is a practical tool for the web designer. It offers an online system to try different Web Colour Combinations (combo tester) , and Library of ready-made palettes.


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