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Getting things done (and organized)

People working in creative businesses, design, and many other areas are getting more and more aware of the necessity of a good project management system. One of the most talked about systems lately is the GTD (getting things done).

There is a book by David Allen that deals with it extensively, and a growing number of websites dedicated to the topic. One of my favourites is PigPog Creativity Wiki, where you find lots of practical information about creative iving, things to make and to do, creative tools and other inspirational sections.
You will probably find some good advice reading the articles you find in this website.

There is also a section in OfficeZealot dedicated to Getting things done, with plenty of articles, links, templates...

And yet another website full of ideas and suggestions to speed up your activities and still do them as you’re supposed to, is lifehack.org


Daily Pic 34: Bracing waters (or: famous last words)

Daily Pic 34 at Flickr
Our Daily Pic 34 at Flickr, titled “Bracing waters (or: famous last words)” illustrates the Aquatic theme in Illustration friday. The drawing, an ink original, is taken from our original Whimsies series.


Daily Pic 33: Nourishment

Daily Pic 33: Nourishment on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Posted as a “Nourishment” theme submission to Illustration Friday, this image belongs to the Psycho Paths Dingbat. If you wish to get a bigger version, just click on this miniature and you will be carried to my Flickr page, with the Daily Pic project.
The cartoon images contained in this dingbat are really silly; if you feel like using it it’s a free download: help yourself.
I have added a little texture, using a freeware plugin set for Photoshop-compatible applications called Virtual Photographer.



For all Edward Gorey fanatics out there, Goreyography is a comprehensive resource to his bizarre and fascinating world. Including bibliography, news, links to other Gorey-related sites, fonts and more, Goreyography is the perfect entry point to a new fan and long-time connoiseurs of Gorey alike.
And if you still don’t know who Gorey is, grab a copy of the anthologies Amphigorey and Amphigorey Too, two nice compilations of his illustrated books. Of course, if you search Amazon or eBay for “Gorey” you will get many more titles, including reeditions, posters, essays, illustrated covers and more.


Illustration friday pic: Mischief

Daily Pic 32 - mischiefA new illustration for the theme of the week in Illustration Friday.
This time I admit I’ve been lazier, because the image comes more or less straight from my Absurdies 3 dingbat, with the little colour touch. Anyway, this was great fun in the old days (with apologies to that window pane owner!)
There was an easier alternative to the stone thrower: a simple elastic band and a small metal piece. We used to take bits from old porch curtains. They were an easy to wear ammunition that you carry on your pocket, charge and shut in no time. I still don’t know why most of the boys didn’t lose en eye or two...


An all-purpose organizer online: Backpack

Backpack is an all-purpose personal information management organizer that seems useful for a huge variety of tasks, ranging from personal to business. Take a look at some of their use suggestions. —I think it’s really clever.
What’s the cost of it? There are four plans ranging from a completely free plan to pay plans, the latter allowing you to create more pages and reminders and also allowing you to upload images and files.)
The same company also offers a project management tool called Basecamp, and a to-do list called Ta-da lists. Check out their features as well: they are solid systems to manage your information online.


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