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I have just added my blogs to the Technorati listings to make it easier to find specific topics, categorise the contents and improve the networking for my projects. Several tweaks related to this will follow soon.



Featuring “Books, Illustrations, Science, History, Visual Materia Obscura & Eclectic Bookart”, BibliOdyssey is a fascinating journey through unsuspected pictures and enigmatic capsules from the past.

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Toulouse-Lautrec homage exhibition

A group of top designers and illustrators contributed to an homage to Toulouse-Lautrec, creating a variety of posters with every imaginable portrait approach. In the website you will find pics of the exhibition in several cities. See “the designers” section for a sample. It is possible to order the portfolio, the book Toulouse Lautrec, the posters, and there’s also an excellent collective poster available.


Online art books

Do you know there is a huge library of online art books, free to download at the Onlinebooks website from the University of Pennsylvania? A terrific resource. Of course you’re not limited to the art topic: there is a whole digitised library to explore.

True Art Information

True Art Information offers detailed articles about the creative process, materials, exhibitions, and museums. Check out the artist's material information section to know about art hazards, art materials, and online art material stores. The site offers a wealth of information and useful links as well.



A wonderful site dedicated to the art of Flipbooks, one of the ancestors of animation. The site is in french only (or so it seems.) You can enjoy some of these rare artifacts (true collector items) watching small Flash animations. There’s even a Moebius example, with his usual crazy stuff, called “John Watercolor et sa fameuse redingote qui tue!
One more of the many must-see links regularly appearing in Drawn.


Milton Glaser and Nicholas Negroponte: “Since Then: Two Points of View”

Milton GlaserListen to this conversation (plus backstage interview) between two of the world’s most significant voices from design and technology. The conversation actually began at the first AIGA national conference in Boston 20 years ago when AIGA represented graphic artists and technology promised to change the world.
Together, these giants discuss their work and relationships to community, history and humanity. Then, at the AIGA Design Conference in 2005, they reflect on what has changed and what has remained the same.
(Mind you it’s two huge mp3 files, but it’s worth listening!)


µTorrent client

I was rather intrigued by the proliferation of Bittorrent downloads in many websites. For example, the latest version of OpenOffice.org is available in this p2p format, very efficient and fast for popular files.

Taking a look at the available Bittorrent-compatible clients, I’ve found that some popular choices are Azureus, BitTornado and BitComet. Shareaza is also Bittorrent-compatible now. But there’s a diminutive client called µTorrent that I want to comment here. It’s remarkable: very small file download (about 350k!), no installation necessary, robust and easy to use, with freeware licence and computer resources-friendly.

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Fontlab Photofont is an exciting new technology that allows you to create and use full-color bitmap type with transparency.

Photofont Start is a free plugin that allows the use of photofonts in Adobe Photoshop and compatible applications for Mac OS and Windows. There is a free version for Windows and commercial version for Mac, plus a detailed user manual and sample photofonts at the Fontlab website.

Should you wish to create your own Photofonts, you would need Bitfonter.

Night time is the right time

Illustration friday theme: “Night”. The werewolf spot illustration used here belongs to my Absurdies II dingbat (available at Typephases). You may click the picture to see it bigger.


The Portable Freeware Collection

The Portable Freeware Collection is a site dedicated to the collection and cataloging of freeware that can be extracted to any directory and run independently without prior installation. You can carry these applications around on a memory stick / USB flash drive, or copy / migrate from PC to PC via simple copying of files —hence the term portable freeware.

Some freeware already come in the form of a ZIP file, ready to be extracted and run from any directory. Others require an extraction procedure, which could be as simple as installing them, extracting the necessary files, and uninstalling them again.

This website has a comprehensive list of portable applications neatly classified in categories, plus a handy RSS feed which will let you know of new additions to their list.


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