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An homage to Yellow Submarine imagery

Not To Scale is a London based production company specialising in creating; 2D and 3D. In their website, search Directors > Steve Scott and watch the video clip for Telemetry Orchestra, Suburban Harmony. Scott is well described as ”an unlimited source of eccentric worlds and left-field ideas.”

The video clip in question is a fascinating piece of animation in Flash and a very clever homage to the old favourite, the Yellow Submarine feature film, with all their characters and backgrounds designed by Heinz Edelmann. The original movie is full of delicious watercolour backgrounds, and it provides an overdose of colour and imagination to maker a dark winter day a brighter experience.

A mini-tutorial to save streaming Flash:

This clip is streaming Flash and you cannot save it directly to your computer, even if you use (like I do) the handy Page Info panel in Firefox or Mozilla. But there’s an easy workaround:

  1. Load the page with the streaming animation in Internet Explorer (this is probably the only time that I bother to use it).

  2. Now wait until the Flash animation has completely downloaded, and its stream has finished.

  3. Go to the Tools menu, then choose Internet Options. Here you will find the Temporary Internet Files section. Click the Configuration button, then the See files... button and you will find the SWF file you just have downloaded (sort the files by date so it appears on the top part of the list.) Drag-copy it to a folder of your choice and there you have it: a streaming file nicely available for you to enjoy when you're offline.

There are several utilities to automate this process more or less, but I think this procedure is quite simple and you really don’t need to clutter your computer with more unnecessary applications.

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lola said...

i bumped into your blog when goggling for steve scott and his work for telemetry orchestra. great post! i like your blog too!


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