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I want to live in this house

I admit it. I’m hopelessly addicted to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. This Craig McCracken production catched my eye immediately for many reasons. First, being full of imaginary characters, the animators and designers have have been able to take an unlimited number of creative paths. The backgrounds are awesome, with the big victorian house and exquisite care with colours. And so on: too many good things to mention, IMHO. There is a wide variety of influences in the graphic style of the series, ranging from Psychedelic to retro-fifties style. I really enjoy every second of each episode and if you are even remotely like-minded as me, you’ll do the same —if you haven’t discovered the world of Foster’s yet.

From a technical point of view, the show is also remarkable because it has been produced entirely digital tools: a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Flash and After Effects. There is an interesting thread on the Animation World Network forum where many technical details about the production are revealed. The thread is quite long, but if you are interested on the technical side of creating this superb show you’ll find very relevant comments. The use of vector animation on this series is groundbreaking and very, very good.

Besides the official show page in Cartoon Network, you may also find it interesting to read a Craig McCracken interview about Foster’s, and the unnofficial fan site.


Queen Tut said...

Edwardo is so funny! Nice job.

Joan M. Mas said...

Well, this Edwardo is actually a straight screenshot from the show. The detail shows some of the fascinating vector illustration technique they are using for the show.

Rose said...

This makes me happy! Craig is my brother :)!


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