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Goodbrush: the art of Craig Mullins

An extraordinarily gifted artist both in digital and traditional media, displaying his art generously in his website, with many examples of his talent.
Take your time to explore the many parts of this complex collection. There is a lot to see and enjoy in Craig Mullins’ page.


BettyJo Cost Harrod said...

What an exquisite artist you are, Craig Mullins!!
I am a marketing, distribution and sales agent for fine artists. My question is: Do you have work in the form of originals or Giclees which I may market for you on my web site?
The site is under construction and should be up and running sometime the first of '07.
My experience includes 32 years of developing the fine art career of James Peter Cost, the very early career of Curtis Wilson Cost and many other well known early Carmel artists.
Thank you for your consideration.
BettyJo Cost Harrod

artistpavel said...

Yes, I blogged about this artist too


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