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Hideo Takeda

His website is appearing in many blogs lately. Although I’ve known his art from some time ago, this recurrence prompts me to point those who still haven’t enjoyed the mesmerizing illustrations by Hideo Takeda to his remarkable online exhibition.

Takeda’s art is very diverse, and always —always —wildly imaginative, defying classification and beyond the viewer’s expectations; and very often disturbing, even shocking. The site is packed full with lots of surprising and sometimes bizarre illustrations in a variety of techniques and styles, covering a spectrum of themes. A must-see.

Technically, the mastery of many different media by Takeda becomes clear just browsing this fascinating online archive. More significant is the creativity and the concept of most of those pieces.


4ojos said...

maravilloso. No lo conocia

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the T-Shirts Takeda has done for Namitatsu



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