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U&lc collection

Things like this explain why I love Ebay so much: I have just opened a wonderful parcel full of old copies from U&lc, the now extinct graphic design & typography magazine published (1973-1999) by ITC, the International Typeface Corporation. I got this bargain (at an incredibly cheap price) and it’s a never-ending source of inspiration, wit and imaginative design. I already had a significant part of the published issues, but with this acquisition there are only a few originals missing from my collection.
U&lc collection

U&lc has become a desired collectible for graphic designers and typography enthusiasts, thus it may be quite difficult to find back issues at reasonable prices. Of course, you can get a feeling of what the magazine looked like buying the book U&lc: influencing graphic design and typography, published by Mark Batty, Publisher. It’s a good overview of the publication, with selected spreads and complete articles, and a good starting point for the younger designers who missed the real thing.
U&lc collection


AscenderRisesAbove said...

Very interesting. I have a huge stack of these and was thinking of cutting them up for the images for collages. Now I know to scan them in instead; thanks for the tip!!

Bobby Chiu said...

ebay's great. Looks like you got a fantastic score!

Thermion7 said...

Funny, I signed up for a subscription to U&lc when I was in design school and continued recieving it (without renewing, paying, or giving them a forwarding address) for years!

4ojos said...

Y pensar que cuando yo curraba en Walter Thompson Madrid tiraron la colección completa!!!!

Joan said...

Dado que se enviaba de forma gratuita a los clientes (al menos hasta los años 90) y estaba impreso en papel tipo periódico, seguramente no se valoraba lo suficiente en su momento.

A veces se hacía un uso algo más imaginativo de las revistas viejas en lugar de tirarlas. Por ejemplo, recuerdo que en Ibiza una boutique estaba decorada con hojas de U&lc pegadas a la pared y recubiertas con una capa de resina sintética.


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