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one of the experiments - click to see more examplesI have been experimenting with a digital generative process and the results are exhibited in my Flickr project. Those abstract and colourful images derive from a handful of either photographs or figurative paintings through a more or less complex series of modifications in a bitmap editing program. There is little (personal) artistic merit in this kind of experiment other than selecting the best results. However, some of these images are very strong, imho, reminding me of the kind of abstractions created by Philip Guston, some de Kooning, and in some cases Jasper Johns.
The images tagged with generative in my Flickr project page will collect this kind of digital art.
The best way to enjoy the whole exhibition is simply watching this slideshow.
By the way, some interesting links related to generative art include the Wikipedia entry about this subject, Generative art dot com, Generative dot net, plus the many links you can find in a Google search.


Mad Guru said...

interesting. Looks like crayon. Nice colors and designs!

hera said...

Delighted to find your art and of course I will join in the fun.
take design view, look my art

Anonymous said...

Hola. Yo estoy empezando con las acuarelas, tengo algunas en mi blog. ¿Te parece que te ponga en "enlaces"? Me interesa mucho. Un saludo!

g.castro said...

its very very nice..


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