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Painting à la fauviste

This weekend I have participated in a painting event in a small mountain village. Plein air painting isn't my cup of tea, usually, but I enjoyed it just the same. I selected a nice corner of the village, where there is a small lane with stairs climbing up the terraced mountain slope, beyond an opening on the very thick walls.

As you can see, I have used the colours in a very funny and intense way, à la Matisse or Derain. The real colours were more neutral, mostly ochre and earth, with some darks in the shadows and a bit of greenery here and there.

So, even if outdoors landscape painting doesn't appeal much to me lately, it is a very good creative exercise and a challenge if you want to create something which is clearly different from what you see.

This small painting (65x50 centimetres) is an acrylic on canvas. If you want to see a bigger version, just click the image. Comments are welcome, of course.

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ParisBreakfasts said...

This painting is BEAUTIFUL !

4ojos said...

Buena imagen. Deberías prodigarte más con este tipo de cosas que manchan los dedos


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