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Nick Curtis peregrinates in pulchritudinous penmanship

I have just received a copy of the CD-ROM with the Nick Curtis collection of fonts and clipart, curiously titled Peregrinations in pulchritudinous penmanship. A very nice package, the CD contains a selection of Curtis’ fonts, inspired in old time typefaces and lettering, and a huge number of dingbats, borders, clipart and full-colour vector graphics. All this graphic content is available both in WMF and EPS formats, so you will be able to use those images in almost any desktop publishing, painting or drawing application, and even with your office software.

The graphics are excellent: top quality vector drawings, many of them painstakingly vectorized from original sources tracked down by Curtis in his investigations of the ephemera, posters and miscellaneous designs from decades past. The vector format ensures that you will get crisp printed results at any size.
Nick Curtis’ mastery of vector digital illustration is evident not only browsing the contents of this remarkable CD, but also when you examine the examples of his fonts in use in the My Fonts website (where he currently offers 286 font families, no less!).

You can purchase this great product either on the aforementioned Nick’s Fonts or in My Fonts.
It must be also noted that Curtis has offered the internet community a huge number of his creations for free, always with the highest standard of quality. I cannot recommend them enough. You can see for yourself and download at your heart’s content visiting Moorstation (the current header logo here at Acuarela features one of these fonts.)

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