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Alan Fletcher (1931-2006): exhibition in London

The british designer Alan Fletcher, who passed away recently, is the object of a retrospective exhibition in London at the Design Museum, Fifty years of graphic work (and play).

If you are even remotely interested in graphic design, creativity, advertising and the power of imagination, and by any chance you are visiting London before the 18th of february, you must not miss this exhibition.

Read more about Alan Fletcher in this profile page, the exhibition presentation and this thread in Design Observer.

If you still don’t have his books in your design library, they are still available; both The art of looking sideways and Beware wet paint are absolutely essential reading. The art of looking sideways, particularly, is a monumental work which is very hard to summarise: it contains almost anything you could ever think about inspiration, imagination, wit and creativity.

Fletcher’s last book, published this year, is Picturing and poeting. Filled with his most recent creative work, the book is an eye-catching and mind-teasing collection of visual games, doodles, graphic objects, drawings, typographic collage and quotations. Filled with almost 300 color images, is a wonderful, witty take on how to think visually and will be a source of inspiration for designers or anybody who works the arts or advertising.

Quick links to Fletcher’s books:

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