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Actually, the latest days here have been more summer-like than Spring-like.
This is a preliminary study for a poster about a spring Design and Communication event, playing with the meanings of communication, the blooming of flowers in springtime and the perception qualities of design. This concept is simple and it can be used either in black and white and in colour, with different hues, and even in negative.
The original was a vector drawing, with the usual flat shapes and solid colours, but here I have added some texture for good measure.

I wish everybody reading this a happy springtime (allergies permitting!)



This week’s illustration friday inspired this not-to-scary monster. Very fun to do: a pure vector drawing, made directly with the mouse. Not too complicated, certainly. Some play with symmetries and whatnot.
You can click the image to see a larger version.
I will post even a few more variations of this image on my Flickr page.


Goodbrush: the art of Craig Mullins

An extraordinarily gifted artist both in digital and traditional media, displaying his art generously in his website, with many examples of his talent.
Take your time to explore the many parts of this complex collection. There is a lot to see and enjoy in Craig Mullins’ page.

Typephases featured in Computer Arts

A selection of our freeware fonts and dingbats is featured in the April issue of Computer Arts, the world’s best selling creative magazine. Computer Arts is full of interesting tutorials, reviews, designer profiles and more, everything packaged in an irresistible eye-candy design. Besides the printed edition, you can also enjoy their website, which offers a huge number of step-by-step tutorials to learn advanced uses for your favourite graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash...
The magazine is published in english, and there are also localized editions in polish, french, korean, chinese and italian.


Hideo Takeda

His website is appearing in many blogs lately. Although I’ve known his art from some time ago, this recurrence prompts me to point those who still haven’t enjoyed the mesmerizing illustrations by Hideo Takeda to his remarkable online exhibition.

Takeda’s art is very diverse, and always —always —wildly imaginative, defying classification and beyond the viewer’s expectations; and very often disturbing, even shocking. The site is packed full with lots of surprising and sometimes bizarre illustrations in a variety of techniques and styles, covering a spectrum of themes. A must-see.

Technically, the mastery of many different media by Takeda becomes clear just browsing this fascinating online archive. More significant is the creativity and the concept of most of those pieces.


The Typephases Cover Artchive

I have posted a selection of cover images I used in a previous version of the Typephases Design website. You may find it in my Flickr page. I used to have a random-loading image taken from a big collection of amusing variations and ocurrences.


High Logic font tools at Typephases Design : the notepad

High Logic is a software firm from the Netherlands specialised in font software. They offer two programs, the Font Creator Program, which at the moment is at its fifth version, and a new font management program called MainType. I have recently tried both programs and here are my impressions.

screenshot of MainType, the new Font Manager from High Logic


All-in-one Web Developer’s online reference list

The Web Developer’s handbook is a compact list of categorised links about whatever you might need to read or use about website development, exploring imagination, CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc. etc. Everything in one file: a very handy bookmark.


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