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30 hand-picked sequential art links

building stories, de Chris WareI will share a few selected links about comics that I visit frequently. If you are a fan of the sequential art too, you will enjoy each of them.

Let’s start with the weekend supplement of The New York Times. In its Funny Pages section we find first-rate comic artists with exclusive series, such as Chris Ware with his Building Stories (yep, a clever title.) The ongoing series is Seth’s George Sprott (1894-1975).
The series are usually accessible only while they are going on. In the case of Ware’s Building Stories, the nice people at Drawn! has put together a single zip file with the whole series, in PDF format.

ComicVine.com is a new encyclopaedia about comics, done in the wiki fashion: permanently editable by users. The idea being “A social encyclopedia for comic book lovers that everyone can edit”.

GOComics “toon in daily” (nice wordplay) is a directory of strips and cartoons, webcomics and other graphic stores in the net. The stories range from some well-known examples to some obscure ones.

Comics.com claims to be the home of comics on the web. At least they have the domain name. They have a huge directory of comics resources. Some features of the site are for pay users only.

The Daily Drawing gathers movies where you can follow the creation of an original illustration, much like a comic-oriented Youtube. Eye candy for the serious illustration fans and aspiring artists. There is a good section with tips and practical ideas.

If you create comics yourself, or if you just need comic fonts for a project, in Typephases Design we offer several font families especially suited to letter your balloons. Some are freeware, like Sinky and CU-TBO. Other fonts at the site may be also useful both for the comics creator or the designer (Scroonge, Pero Jefe..., Plantiya, etc.): you can either download them or purchase them at the Typephases website:

Finally, this is a good list with some of my favourite comics publishers and a few authors and resources. Some of these links are worth a frequent visit to keep up to date with new releases, to get digital previews and even in some cases read whole works online:

Blogs, authors, portals:

The world of franco-belgian comics, La Bande desinéee:
European publishers (which is to say, French and Belgian!):
Anglo-saxon publishers:

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