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This post will be very different from the usual Acuarela fare. One of my passions (and I suspect many others’) is food. The alchemy of cooking. The magic of combining good ingredients for a meal. The delights of simple and good season products.

Here I will share some favourite destinations to look for recipes and ideas for cooking. Probably there are dozens of incredible links to get culinary inspiration worth listing that I'm not aware of: I will appreciate any addition you wish to make. With these websites you can experiment a new meal each day of your life, no matter how long you live:

  • The BBC has a great food site, including lots of recipes, searcheable by up to three ingredients, or by recipe title, program, chef...
  • Epicurious is another inexhaustible supply of fancy and sophisticated recipes.
  • All recipes has more than 40,000 free recipes—all created, tested, reviewed and approved by home cooks worldwide.
  • Recipe source has another great selection of recipes, with a good selection of ethnic cooking from all the corners of the world.
  • Cooking.com and Cook's recipes also have a very comprehensive and well-organised recipe archive.
  • Once you use the internet to find recipes, it never ends surprising you... even more recipes at Recipe Zaar. An incredible amount of recipes featuring avocados... Thousands of food pictures, commented, at Flickr —for example: sandwiches; and many groups devoted to all kinds of food: yes, sandwiches as well...
As much as I love a good meal, most days one has to settle with a quick sandwich or a salad. I love sandwiches, though: they can be a complete, diverse and enjoyable meal. You'll find sites like the sandwich project very useful and mouth-watering. The sandwich project gathers submissions by visitors and you can find over two thousand recipes. You can search their database by ingredient, date, user rating... or you can simply grab a random sandwich for a surprise lunch.
On a sillier and funnier note, you must see El bocadillo del diablo, or how to prepare a foot long, 6 layer sandwich stuffed with anything you can imagine. The story began when an unsuspecting client bought a bread packet. It soon became apparent on opening the packet, that this was no ordinary loaf...It had been sliced lengthways, instead of down. Leaving him with 9, foot long slices of bread. The loaf is now destined for bigger and bolder things. Namely, El bocadillo del diablo!

The Food timeline is a remarkable website telling the long and complex story of human nutrition. Lots of information, curiosities and things to discover.

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