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Enrique Flores browses his sketchbooks for you

If I comment about Enrique Flores’ 4Ojos I won’t discover anything new, as I have already talked before babout his fascinating illustrations and sketches, and his link is a permanent presence in the sidebar of this blog. What I do have discovered recently is a bunch of his sketchbooks being browsed, in Youtube!! How I wish I could see them by myself, Enrique! Here they are for your enjoyment:
Morocco, big sketchbook:

Morocco, small sketchbook:

Napoli and Rome:

Greece, medium-sized sketchbook:

Greece, large sketchbook:

All these videos have been posted by a certain acuarelista, so I guess we can imagine who is this mysterious watercolourist, can’t we?
What a pleasure!


Pseudo-engravings with Inkscape

Inkscape, the open-source vector drawing application, keeps advancing and incorporating new features in its development. In its last version, 0.46, it includes an awesome ability, documented in the project website: generating vector drawings with the the look of an engraving:
Some Photoshop plugins which are able to generate similar output have been available for quite a while (plugins such as India Ink or Andromeda Screens), but the clear advantage of generating the drawing in a vector format is the complete scalability of the results. The same vector file from Inkscape can be used either for the design of a thumbnail or a giant poster.


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