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Enrique Flores browses his sketchbooks for you

If I comment about Enrique Flores’ 4Ojos I won’t discover anything new, as I have already talked before babout his fascinating illustrations and sketches, and his link is a permanent presence in the sidebar of this blog. What I do have discovered recently is a bunch of his sketchbooks being browsed, in Youtube!! How I wish I could see them by myself, Enrique! Here they are for your enjoyment:
Morocco, big sketchbook:

Morocco, small sketchbook:

Napoli and Rome:

Greece, medium-sized sketchbook:

Greece, large sketchbook:

All these videos have been posted by a certain acuarelista, so I guess we can imagine who is this mysterious watercolourist, can’t we?
What a pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I really wish that I was more reckless with my sketchbook pages. I mean, look how wrinkly and water-warped his pages are. I guess I should just suck it up and stop treating my sketchbook as if it were delicate.

Joan said...

I have found myself that drawing and sketching is even better than photography to remember details of a trip. It's true.
And if you don't have fancy materials, well, it doesn't matter... what counts is capturing something of what you see in your travels, isn't it? You can even sketch something in the back of a receipt or in any piece of paper you happen to carry on your pocket.
Enrique's journals are ideal because they are full of spontaneity, wit and creativity.

Ann said...

I love these sketchbooks! How wonderful that you found and posted them. I agree that drawing is a different, better experience than photography -- I think it's because more of your body and mind are involved -- almost like the memory becomes more PHYSICAL, not just mental.


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