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Experiments in colour

Trying different colour combinations for a particular painting, illustration or design is a very appealing part of the creative process.
However, doing it with traditional media needs a lot of time. You need to prepare or choose new colours, blend new mixes and then apply the paint to a fresh paper sheet.
I have found that some digital tools are a very exciting, fast, easy and always editable way of handling the colour experiments.
Let’s take this painting, for example. The original is an acrylic on canvas from a few years ago, a time when I enjoyed painting invented interiors as the perfect excuse to freely play with the paint on canvas using colour to my heart’s content:
I want to experiment new bold and unusual colour schemes for a new project. I take a photo of the painting and open it in a bitmap edition program. Of course Photoshop is perfect for this, but so it is the Gimp and a variety of Photoshop plugins–compatible programs, like Irfanview.

Here you have several variations on the theme produced almost magically in a few seconds. I don’t know you, but I feel like taking the crayons, the acrylics, markers or whatever I have near at hand and start painting right away!

I have used paintings to come up with new chromatic ideas, but you can start with a photography as well. Here I took a photo of a very normal corner of my studio, but just after a few clicks we are in an entirely different place:

So here you have it: a perfect bridge between the power of digital media and the most traditional painting and drawing techniques, cross–pollinating in terms of inspiration and workflow. You only need a few minutes to create literally dozens of inspiring variations. Chances are you will find something perfect to start a new painting.


4ojos said...

A veces utilizo el mismo procedimiento: en el ordenador hago bocetos y elijo colores y después realizo el dibujo final con técnica tradicional

pinturas2007 said...

Interesante el cambio del original al digital.

Alina Chau said...

V COOL experiment!


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