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RozWorks (Roslyn Stendahl): journals

You wouldn't want to miss all these journals that Roslyn has put together in her website for your delectation.

There is a variety of subjects, places and techniques. Definitely a site to bookmark and visit from time to time to see what's going on.

I reached her site through a link in Danny Gregory's, another favourite of mine.


Flickring! part I: color

My name is Joan and I am a Flickr-holic... There is so much to enjoy with Flickr!This post starts a series of articles with curiosities, recommendations, tools and ideas about this incredible online service.

Today we start with COLO(U)R!! Intoxicating, delicious, vivid, energizing colors.

Lighten your mood browsing a feast of colors in any of these Flickr groups, like in this example:

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Any of these groups features thousands of chromatic delights:

Of course, there is quite a bit of overlap between groups, as many images are posted to several related pools, but each group is very attractive and full of inspiration.

And here are some specific color groups:


Carol Gillott

Paris is one of the few cities where I feel instantly at home. A place where I could move immediately, without a second thought. Carol Gillott paints Paris dreams, period. It's her own description of the blog Paris Breakfasts, but it's the simple truth. And it's so fascinating that I cannot recommend it enough if you love the essence of watercolours.

The blog is a wonderful mix of photography, gastronomy, details about paint and artistic insights, and many more interesting subjects. Very often her creative process comes well documented with photographs, references the artist has used, such as artists from the past, the things that interest her and her own learning journey.

The attractive of Carol's watercolours may also be due to the special paint she herself makes using raw pigments (she had a long experience working in a pigment firm, Kremer.) Most of her works have an evocative granular quality and an exquisite interplay of warm and cool colours, with vibrant and vivid hues. The photography is equally attractive: the Paris patisseries and salons de thé are quintessential Paris.

That's why Paris Breakfasts for me is a necessary daily visit, something that lightens a dark and weary day and puts the smile back in your face. It's the best substitute I know for a stroll around the streets of Le Marais, the banks of the Seine or the lanes of Le Quartier Latin. Don't miss it!


New and old paints, mixes and trials

It's about time to stock up with new paints. Whenever I try new brands or colours I usually do some colour trials like all these. I already mentioned something about this in a previous post, when I bought some new acrylic paints.
Colour, and especially the watercolour stains, are so atractive to me that I can't bring myself to throw these sheets away. I always have some of these around —some kind of visual stimuli.
I think it's important to use paper of a certain quality. Otherwise you are not sure of the results you will get with the colours you try. Or you might be dissapointed with some colour, even if it's not the paint's fault but the paper's.
In other cases I try to document experimental or unusual mixes, even if I seldom get back to the formula again.

I will get back to the topic of mixes, pigments and paints soon.


I seldom take the watercolour box for outdoors sketching, and today I thought —it's a shame. While trying to put some order in the studio I've found some spontaneous, half-neglected plein-air watercolours: they would need some polishing, but I think overall the colours are very nice and they make me feel going out and doing more. I will probably do it: indulge in still lifes and whatever catches my attention, and set the paint free.


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