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Carol Gillott

Paris is one of the few cities where I feel instantly at home. A place where I could move immediately, without a second thought. Carol Gillott paints Paris dreams, period. It's her own description of the blog Paris Breakfasts, but it's the simple truth. And it's so fascinating that I cannot recommend it enough if you love the essence of watercolours.

The blog is a wonderful mix of photography, gastronomy, details about paint and artistic insights, and many more interesting subjects. Very often her creative process comes well documented with photographs, references the artist has used, such as artists from the past, the things that interest her and her own learning journey.

The attractive of Carol's watercolours may also be due to the special paint she herself makes using raw pigments (she had a long experience working in a pigment firm, Kremer.) Most of her works have an evocative granular quality and an exquisite interplay of warm and cool colours, with vibrant and vivid hues. The photography is equally attractive: the Paris patisseries and salons de thé are quintessential Paris.

That's why Paris Breakfasts for me is a necessary daily visit, something that lightens a dark and weary day and puts the smile back in your face. It's the best substitute I know for a stroll around the streets of Le Marais, the banks of the Seine or the lanes of Le Quartier Latin. Don't miss it!

1 comment:

ParisBreakfasts said...

Merci Joan!
And thanks for the heads up.
It's always a lovely surprise to find you are read by others with delight.
Although I don't think I could do it, if it wasn't fun for me too.
Funny how the more you do something, the more essential it becomes to do it :)


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