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New and old paints, mixes and trials

It's about time to stock up with new paints. Whenever I try new brands or colours I usually do some colour trials like all these. I already mentioned something about this in a previous post, when I bought some new acrylic paints.
Colour, and especially the watercolour stains, are so atractive to me that I can't bring myself to throw these sheets away. I always have some of these around —some kind of visual stimuli.
I think it's important to use paper of a certain quality. Otherwise you are not sure of the results you will get with the colours you try. Or you might be dissapointed with some colour, even if it's not the paint's fault but the paper's.
In other cases I try to document experimental or unusual mixes, even if I seldom get back to the formula again.

I will get back to the topic of mixes, pigments and paints soon.

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