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Bibliodyssey: Amazing Archival Images from the Internet (The book!)

Bibliodyssey has long been one of my favourite daily visits, and one of our recommended links on the sidebar. I am pleased to hear that a printed version with a selection of some of its amazing discoveries has just hit the shelves.

BibliOdyssey's mission over the past two years has been to diligently trawl the dustier corners of the Internet and retrieve these materials for our attention. Thanks to the daily efforts of this singular blog, a myriad of long-forgotten imagery has now re-surfaced, from eighteenth-century anatomical and architectural drawing to occult and alchemical engravings and proto-Surrealist depictions of the horrors of industrialization (for example, the half-plant, half-people illustrations of J.J. Grandville). Each of the images is accompanied by commentary from "PK," (Peakay) author and curator of the BibliOdyssey blog. The book also provides details for each image and links to the source website. With a foreword by artist Dinos Chapman, BibliOdyssey is a true cabinet of curiosities and a journey in discovery and delight.
More information to purchase the book here.

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