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Cathy (Kate) Johnson

Cathy (Kate) Johnson is a professional watercolourist, author of many books about painting and drawing. She can draw nature scenes and wildlife very confidently. She defines herself as an "Artist, writer, naturalist, teacher, reenactor, workaholic and general all-round crazy person."

Her watercolour technique is very solid and she has an incredible arsenal of skills. Fortunately, she shares some of her advice not only in her many publications (34 books to date), but also in her website and journal. But I especially recommend his Flickr space, packed with plein air watercolours, water-soluble pencil drawings, lots of page spreads from her notebooks and journals, tutorials, sketches... many of her works are commented in detail, making it a very pleasurable and useful visit. I cannot recommend it enough if you have real interest in perfecting your watercolour technique.

Cathy has a new book, published by North Light Books, called Creating nature in watercolor, without a doubt another good addition to our art reference library.

In her website you can download lots of painting lessons and tutorials in PDF format. One recommendation to get and manage all the lesson files: the best you can do with these files is to download them all automagically, for example using the Downthemall extension for Firefox, then merge all the files in a single (big) PDF. You can do it in seconds with the tool PDFTK (I use a graphical interface for PDFTK.) Give the separate files this treatment and you will get a very convenient single "book" with all her useful tutorials, tips and tricks. You will get a 140 page-book, with a size of 40 Megabytes, approximately.

1 comment:

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Well, thank you! I much appreciate the kind words...

And how cool, I didn't know anything about that Firefox trick. I'll have to try it!


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