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The current theme of the week at Illustration Friday is “Grow”. As I usually do (see previous posts), I filled some sheets with vaguely related thumbnails. Then I dipped the brush in some leftover watercolour in the palette and quickly did this sequence on one page of my journal (click the image for a bigger version).

The Growth idea can accomodate many different interpretations, notably personal growth, and I will probably revisit it during the week and include some other images here.


amber said...

this is nice joan...i like your approach to simply dipping your brush in leftover watercolor...lovely!

sheree said...

really beautiful!

Nicole said...

Very suggestive!

Alessandro said...

a story in one page: beautiful and well done.

Alicia Padrón said...

This is wonderul! Love this! :o)

dianeclancy said...


~ Diane Clancy

dianeclancy said...

Hi Joan,

I still like this. And thank you for coming by my blog.

I used Studio Artist to create the design and Photoshop to tweak the color and such. But is was Studio Artist where the batiky design was created.

Thank you for asking!

~ Diane Clancy


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