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James McMullan

James McMullan is a well-known illustrator with a special fondness for watercolour. His long career (he was once a member of the Push Pin studio) has been anthologised in several books, such as Revealing Illustrations and The Theater posters of James McMullan. He also wrote a book on drawing, High focus drawing.

His website features a good selection of his art. The reproductions aren't very big, but you get a good overview of his style and his mastery of the watercolour medium, and his attractive use of colour. The sections are clearly organised and easy to navigate: cover books, posters, his famous theatre posters, some interesting portraits and other works.

Triton Gallery in New York exhibits and sells some of Mr. McMullan's work, together with other theatre-related posters and art.

1 comment:

ParisBreakfasts said...

LOVE his work!
Soooo luminous...
He actually works very small like 8 x 10 inches etc and on special paper that is impossible to get anymore - he must have a lifetime supply.
Love his books full of process notes..very inspiring, thought I long ago took a class with him and didn't like it much. Go figure..


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