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My handwriting and other home-made fonts

I get quite a few questions about some fonts I designed a while ago. Amano is a well-known handwriting font, which has been used in a variety of designs, posters and products. Answering some of the questions: yes, this is my own handwriting (or very close). Another font that is based on the way I write with a pen or pencil is Phalopha, and so is Honcho (and its alter ego, more clean, Manualita.)

There is another experimental font called Fontorio that also captures (more or less faithfully) my writing gesture. But in this case I did it straight with the mouse. Something quite challenging! Anyway, I am still pleased with the results. Why not try it?

Typephases Fonts is the only place to get those fonts and other designs. Actually most of them are pictorial typefaces, or dingbats, traced from my doodles and drawings. Only a few experimental fonts are alphabetic, like the handwritten ones and some others. Scroonge and Plantiya are very popular. You can also find my comic fonts very useful: CU-TBO family (I love especially the rough version) and Sinky.
Here are just a few samples of the fonts and dingbats:

There's a lot more to see at Typephases!

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