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Nights in Welsh rarebit, never reaching the end...

This book is neither new nor cheap, but you could do much worse than spend some money in the magnificent reissue of the long lost and (sadly) almost forgotten Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, the Winsor McCay classic. I had only a tiny fraction of the Rarebit stories in my personal library, and this edition is very, very welcome. I must admit I am especially taken by vintage imagery, top hats and all!

To speak of McCay in terms of a true classic of comics and his unparalleled imagination in illustration is to state the obvious. Now we have a long-awaited opportunity to enjoy his incredible world.

Some data of this awesome book: Published in Germany by the expert in McCay work, Ulrich Merkl; ISBN 3-0002075-1-1. Includes 369 reproductions of the best episodes of the series and a DVD with high resolution scans of all 821 episodes known to exist; hardcover, handbound (the large horizontal format required handbinding, making each copy a unique piece of superb craftsmanship) 464 pages (139 in color) Illustrations: 1010 (219 in color, 791 in black & white) Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 1.2 inches / 43,5 x 31 x 3 cm (horizontal format) Weight: 9.5 pounds / 4,3 kg Language: English Cover price: € 89.00 / $ 114.00.

If you already know Little Nemo in Slumberland, this is another fascinating exploration in the world of whimsy, dreams and the unexpected with one unique guide, McCay. Many reissues
of Little Nemo are still available from several publishers.

Some background information about Winsor McCay, and both the Rarebit Fiend and Nemo are available, of course, in the Wikipedia.

If you want to experiment some Welsh-rarebit induced nightmares in your own nights, try the recipe provided, where else, in the Wikipedia.

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