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Vectormagic: online, free bitmap to vector autotracing

For those who like to work with vector drawings (or those who must work with them), there's an interesting free service offered by the Stanford University: Vectormagic. It's an online autotracing engine with a step-by-step wizard offering many options. If that's not enough, see their screencasts for further help.
It's a good link to bookmark, because you may find yourself working in a computer without your usual tracing software. In this case, if you have internet connection, that's it: you can trace the image with the highest quality with Vectormagic.

Vectormagic is a Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda. Check out the comparison of the results of Vectormagic if compared to other tracing utilities. Pretty impressive!

Its excellent output is something to take into account to trace letters, logos or any other vectorising job where precision is desired.


A.M. said...

It's an excellent application. I don't know if they're going commercial, open source, or wherever, but it *really* does a spectacular job of tracing.

Anonymous said...

After the third download you have to pay for an EPS file...


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