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Sometimes art supplies catalogues and brochures can be very helpful. For example, take any colour chart with specific details about the pigments used in each paint (colour index references). You have basic information to match any of the colours with mixes of the pigments used. For example, I am browsing the Schmincke pastels colour chart, with 400 colours, no less. Obviously, you don't have as many paint tubes around, do you?
A pigment milling machine and a machine to pour watercolour paste in plastic or porcellain pansDo you fancy some of the lovely hues in the chart? Look up its pigment composition and chances are you can get something similar by mixing and matching. If the manufacturer provides the mixture information, it's half done. Just think a bit: for example, if a green says it's a mixture of PG7 (phtalocyanine green) and PY3 (arylide yellow), but it's more a greenish yellow than a yellowy green, just add a touch of the green paint to a bigger quantity of yellow paint. Of course, depending on the particular hue and the medium you use, some colours should be adjusted (probably) with white (oils, gouache, acrylics) or by diluting with water (watercolour). You get the idea, though.

By the way, the Schmincke website has a downloads section offering not only brochures of their products (with colour index information) but also some basic guides on acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolour techniques. These guides and brochures are available in German, English and French.
Currently available:

  • Oil Colours: MUSSINI ( 1.155 KB );de MUSSINI ( 2.700KB );us MUSSINI Flyer ( 345 KB );de Norma Professional ( 597 KB );de/us/fr AKADEMIE Ölcolor ( 2.230 KB );de/us/fr/it
  • Watercolours: HORADAM Aquarell ( 2100 KB );de HORADAM Aquarell ( 2.600KB );us HORADAM Aquarell ( 1019 KB );fr AKADEMIE Aquarell ( 305 KB );de
  • Gouache-varieties: HORADAM Gouache ( 522 KB );de Calligraphy Gouache ( 246 KB );de HKS Designers´ Gouache ( 806 KB );de
  • Pastel: Pastell ( 650 KB );de/us/fr
  • Acrylic Colours PRIMAcryl ( 500 KB ) "short version";de/us/f PRIMAcryl ( 1500 KB ) "complete version";de AKADEMIE Acrylcolor ( 2500 KB );de AKADEMIE Acrylcolor Struktur ( 1600 KB );de AKADEMIE Acrylcolor extra heavy body ( 1600 KB );us AKADEMIE Acrylcolor extra heavy body ( 560 KB );fr Airbrush: AERO COLOR professional ( 191 KB );de/us/fr/it/es
  • Pigments: Pigmente ( 933 KB );de
  • Mediums: Hilfsmittel Broschüre Acryl ( 2.893 KB );de Flyer AQUA-Hilfsmittel, Aquarellmalerei;de Flyer AQUA-Hilfsmittel, Aquarellmalerei;us Flyer AQUA-Hilfsmittel, Aquarellmalerei;fr Schmincke Mediums ( 160 KB );de/us/fr
  • A short introduction to painting: Pastellmalerei ( 1.051 KB );de Aquarellmalerei ( 1100 KB );de Aquarellmalerei ( 1.126 KB );us Aquarellmalerei ( 1.227 KB );fr Aquarellmalerei ( 1.072 KB );it Gouache-Malerei ( 684 KB );de Gouache-Malerei ( 783 KB ) ,,us Acrylmalerei ( 2600 KB );de Airbrush ( 218 KB );us Airbrush ( 220 KB );de Öl ( 529 KB );de
  • Schmincke Guide: Guide to Schmincke Artists' Colours ( 800 KB );us
Visit this page to download the PDF files.

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