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From watercolour to stained glass

Today my dear friend Nils Burwitz has completed a very important project with the inauguration of his stained glass installation in the Church of Sant Antoni Abad in S. Ferriol, Mallorca. The artist has a long experience with stained glass (see his website for more examples), but this particular project is very special for different reasons.

I knew his preliminary project studies, made in watercolour, and he has been able to translate the transparency and delicate washes of this medium to the true transparency of glass. Click to see a bigger version:

Each window pane (80 x 165 cm) is made up of three glass layers. The most external layer is a double protection sheet reinforced with a tempered glass cover. The second layer contains the design, which is overlaid and painted with special enamels, then "baked" at high temperatures (over 600ºC). The third layer is made with a technique known as slumping and contains a transparent emboss with the numbers of the Ten Commandments.

Some examples of the windows: of course the only way to fully appreciate them is seeing the light pass through!

See other posts about Nils Burwitz and his art in this blog.


bhupinder said...

very nice study!!

lourdes said...

Beautiful studies. I note the interesting use of layers not just to protect the glass, but as part of the design . The idea of using a slumped layer with the Comandment's number in 3-D is unusual and should be wonderfully subtle. Great design!

Rael said...

Excellent water colors all over!
I just recently made an article on glass art from Lino Tagliapietra and the controversial Dale Chihuly... It blew me away to see the result of knowing how to handle molten glass. Stunning! I almost wanted to spend my inheritance flying to Murano.
See glass art here.

Joan said...

Yes, Rael, there is something magic about the glass craft. The stuff looks almost like candy, but at the same time it's so dangerous. I know very little about it technically, but I love stained glass in churches and elsewhere.

Rael said...

And would you believe that Tagliapietra's goblets are said to be "tissue thin"? Talk about being peerless! He has a jaw dropping website; actually both are really worth a look: the site of Chihuly and Lino. Just a warning (which I think happens in practically any art exhibit) : too much oggling the glass may result for the extreme desire to buy lots of glass, at any price!


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